What is Google Maps and Google My Business Packages?

Google My Business is Google?s unified interface designed to make life easier for local businesses as well as brands to be better found within Google. Google My Business puts your business info on Search, Maps and Google+ so that customers can find you, no matter what device they?re using. Google My Business is a pivotal component of maximising your Search Engine Visibility and as such it requires focused attention.Our Google My Business package forms a foundation for you to achieve solid rankings and visibility in local search.

How do we go about it?

A WAKU­SEO dedicated trained Google My Business SEO analyst will, create, edit, merge and optimise your page.Key part of the process involves your SEO analyst sharing with you his/her experience and expertise along the way. Documenting and explaining every stage; no changes are made to your listing without your complete and prior approval

What does a Google Maps ­ Google My Business package include?

Create, consolidate or verify your Business listings.
Research, identify and analyse competing My Business listings for potential major categories and locations to be targeted
Research and identify keyword phrases to be targeted in categories and content
Edit and upload content including images and video as required to achieve 100% completion rating
Create 9­10 Business citations and references from authoritative sources
Encourage 5 reviews on Google+ from customers and business referees

How much will this cost?

A Google Maps ­ Google My Business package is ?2395 which represents around eighteen man­hours by your SEO analyst support team here at WAKU-SEO

Google Maps ­ Google My Business package?2395.0

What are the ongoing cost?

We would strongly recommend that you subscribe to a Google Maps ­ Google My Business maintenance Plan, in order to keep your business listing up­to­date and optimised. Having a verified and completed Google

Maps ­ Google My Business page gives you the competitive edge you have been missing out on Google. WAKU­SEO Google Maps ­ Google My Business Maintenance Plan include:

  • Ongoing fine tune of your Business page including categories, location and content including images, podcast and video as required.
  • 9­10 Google Maps ­ Google My Business citations references from authoritative sources
  • Encourage 4­5 reviews on your listing from customers and business referees

A Google Maps ­ Google My Business Maintenance Plan is ?1295 and can only be taken in conjunction with  Google Maps ­ Google My Business Package.

Google Maps ­ Google My Business Maintenance Plan?1295.0

How soon can we start?

If you decide to proceed, you will receive a simple, plain English­Italian agreement confirming all the deliverables ready for your signature. Depending on our project schedule we can usually commence within a few days of receiving your sign off

How do I find out more?

To find out more about our Google Maps ­ Google My Business Package or our other SEO packages and to discover how we can help you to grow your online traffic, gain high visibility and improve the quality of lead generation and increase your sales revenues, get in touch now for a confidential chat about your Search Engine Optimisation content needs

Custom SEO Services

So as to ensure that we produce the results you are seeking, our WAKU­SEO Plans are tightly focused on the services outlined above. Should you wish us to apply additional Custom SEO Services we will be happy to provide you with a separate quotation here

ASEN Content Plans

Our WAKU­SEO Plans focus on enhancing existing web content so as to enhance your web pages and maximise the Search Engine­friendliness of these pages. Should you require new content or a significant copywriting for your current content we are happy to assist and you can discover more about our Asen ContentPlans here

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