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At Waku-Seo, we help businesses to stand out and gain high
visibility. We do this in five key ways. Arrow



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Modern businesses depend on internet searches to enable their customers to find them. We help our clients with search engine optimisation (SEO) for both the web and app store. We also help manage pay per click (PPC) campaigns to ensure maximum impact and value for money. In addition, we are happy to audit any existing SEO strategy and offer consultancy and training as well as reporting and analysis.



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A social media presence has become indispensable to modern businesses, especially those in the tech and creative sectors. We offer a comprehensive social media audit service, supplemented by training and consultancy, help with strategy and content development and community management. Our goal is to ensure social media give our clients more rather than less control of their brand and reputation.



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A company’s digital presence is only as good as its content. That’s why it’s essential that all copy and other content is of first-class quality and stands out as distinctive and relevant to your customers. We offer a full audit of existing content, as well as consultancy on planning and strategy. We can also provide excellent SEO-optimized copywriting and video, as well as helping with outreach and PR.



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If you want to judge how well your digital strategy is working, and which elements are most and least successful, you need to be able to get ‘under the hood’. We are experts in website analytics and traffic management, visitor tracking and conversion rate optimization, as well as lead generation. And we can provide a detailed audit of user experience, so you know exactly how your customers and potential customers engage with your content



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Our team of skilled software developers can build websites from scratch and maintain them over the long term. Whether you are in ecommerce or simply need a web presence to engage with your customers, we have the expertise to build exactly what you need. We can also build state-of-the-art apps, and help with Cloud development and customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

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