Are you frustrated by your site?s high bounce rate or poor conversion? rate ? Acquiring valuable insights  into how your website performs online can be a tricky and time-intensive task, but that doesn?t mean that you should give up on it. Search? engine optimisation is an important tool in your fight for the first position on the search results pages, and there?s no better way to get a complete understanding of your website than a Waku-Seo bespoke SEO site audit.

Why are you doing the audit? What do you want from the audit? And what is your budget?

When you are getting an SEO site audit, the most important thing you need to know is what you are paying for and why you are paying for it. In most cases, your audit reports and costs will be based on who is doing the auditing: tool or human.

All audits have some level of tool involvement: reports are run, analytics reviewed, links pulled for evaluation. The question is, does the auditor write most of the analysis for you or does the tool?

Over the years Waku-Seo have developed a comprehensive SEO review process that enables your company to gain the real-world insights and valuable business knowledge to plan your long-term website and online marketing strategy.

Every SEO audit Waku-Seo writes is customise to fit your need by digging deep into your current website and providing recommendations that help you to gain ground on search engines, understand your competition and think about how your website is viewed by your audience.

Depending on your situation, our SEO audits can include each of following if it affects your Web site?s performance:

  • A comprehensive SEO review of your entire website
  • Keyword analysis and recommendations
  • A review of your site?s metadata
  • Technical analysis of site structure and navigation
  • An analysis into your competitors? websites
  • Opportunities for link building and an understanding of where external links are coming from.

Make the most of your online efforts with an SEO audit from Waku-Seo. With information that can increase rapidly your ROI, enhance traffic to your website and grow your online presence, you don't want to miss out! Get in touch  with us today and speak with a member of the team.

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