What does your brand community look like?

Let?s be clear on facts: using social media for business is not a quick-fix answer to getting new clients and leads that a lot of people think it is. Traditionally, brand marketers have been used for creating a brand image, tightly controlled from the centre. Social media networks ? blogs, wikis, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, Foursquare MySpace, bebo, badoo, flickr, are all challenging that model. Now  hundreds, sometimes thousands of online social networks are having their say, cropping up in search results, influencing opinions and even deriving news agendas.

 Creating a social media plan that actually communicates your business?s and brand?s messages through uniquely developed content, requires evaluating how was your social media performance over the last year? What measurements are you tracking and how did you do in comparison to your previous year? while generating leads and nurturing community followers, if you want your business to go places on social.

WAKU-SEO team of social media specialist can evaluate your current social media strategy and provide an overview of your current social media

presence, identifying problems areas, determine social campaigns? outcomes and users? engagement for each of your targeted social media channels (usually facebook, twitter, Google+ & Linkedin).

Here is what social media audit from WAKU-SEO can do for you:

Analyse your current social media activity and provide suggestions and recommendations for improvements, in order to meet KPI goals and increase ROI.

Enable you to build a successful social media strategy that aligns with your brand's key messages.

Make recommendations for a content strategy that engages your community and increases conversions.

Improve your social media monitoring and listening to allow you to understand your business through the eyes of your customers and community

Identify key influencers in your industry for you to engage and connect with, in order to spread the word about your business and identify PR opportunities.

Competitor analysis detailing the social activities and successes of other businesses in your industry, so you can take inspiration from market leaders and plan how best to get ahead of them.

Suggest new and emerging social media platforms and tools suitable for your business and audience.

Isn?t it time you find out who is influencing your brand, where they are, what they are saying and what you can do to engage with them?

Using our social network monitoring tool we are able to track the myriad of conversations that takes place each day around your business and brand. Get in touch with us now and we can help you stay ahead of the competition and boost your conversion rate.

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