Using social media for marketing effectively can enable your business deliver a large and growing community of peers, reaching potential customers, more current customers and industry influencers, all hanging on your every posts on Facebook,Google+, LinkedIn and tweet. 

Getting your business started with social media is easy with WAKU-SEO?s team of dedicated community and social media management experts who have experience in successfully managing communities that number in the hundreds of thousands. They?ll ensure your social presence remains up to date and interact with your followers to help convert them into customers. They write blog posts and articles as well as newsletters and other communications materials for a wide variety of audiences. Material can include a mix of media such as written content, videos, images and podcasts. Working with both businesses and consumers? interests in mind, sharing posts by leading practitioners and experts in your industry.

Our social media community manager?s love for monitoring the changing social media landscape, is to monitor online chat about your brand on the web and respond in accordance with your audience, ensuring that your internal teams can focus on business growth rather than customer queries.

Here is what large part of our skilled community manager?s will do for your business:

? Develop an in­depth knowledge of your business, your wider industry and your audience to ensure social communications are accurate and effective.

? Create, curate and schedule social media posts with content that drives engagement from your audience and improves conversion rates.

? Deal with customer service queries quickly, efficiently and correctly, in responses that align with your brand's Tone of Voice.

? Assess the sentiment of your community towards your business activities, providing regular insight and community feedback 'direct from the coalface'.

? Identify opportunities to link with potential business partners through social media 'smart search' capabilities. 

? Maintain spotless, regularly updated and professional social media presences that engender trust in your business and improve customer and client retention.

? Adopt a detailed and pre­agreed crisis management plan to counteract any occurrences of spreading negative sentiment.

How effectively are you managing your growing online community?

WAKU-­SEO?s online community management services are structured using agency process and best practices. We are competent in any social network because we?re a bunch of geeks who use social media in both our personal and business lives.

We are the first to try new technologies and the last to put down our iPhone at the dinner table. Get in touch with our team now.

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