Do It All Yourself?
Handling all your social media internally?
WAKU-SEO can help you develop strategy, implement your plan, and train your staff on everything from content strategy to managing specific social media platforms.

Social Media Consulting, Strategy and Training

Social Media is an amazing and powerful tool but success always begins with the same questions.

 What is the goal?

What are the risks?

Where are my prospects?

 How do I convert them into clients?

WAKU-SEO is committed to answering these questions for your organisation, creating a strategy that will help you achieve your business goals, and training your team to execute that strategy. In a world of warp speed changes within social media, there's now an ongoing need for social media management to be reactive, we stay on top of it. Our social media consulting, strategy and training services include professionals who specialise in specific areas of social media and will work with your company in your location on typical issues, giving you the roadmap of how to make social media work for and in your company.

Want help with specific social media platforms?

Our Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube services will maximise your results no matter what your business goals might be. Need to get training for your sales staff or HR department? Need to make a plan of how social media fits into your organisation?

Check out what WAKU-SEO vastly experienced trainers can:

? Train in-house teams to perform more efficiently and at a highly professional level in any area of social media, from community management and campaign strategy to understanding analytics and reporting on progress internally.

 Work closely with you to deliver a training structure and plan tailored to your specific needs so that you and your team can get the very most out of the training sessions.

 Create and run workshops which focus on capturing great ideas to underpin your ongoing campaign activity, whilst engaging with consumers in order to grow your business.

Provide a consultancy service consisting of both development and branding, to ensure social media channels are linked to appropriate tools and that campaigns are fully measurable.

 Offer the insight that comes with over a decade of training worldwide in multiple areas of online marketing. 

Improve the skill sets of team members in a valuable area of online marketing, giving them confidence that you're investing in their development and therefore reducing staff turnover.

Not sure where to start? Get in touch with us now and receive a complimentary 15-minute evaluation of your current social media or what you might need if you haven?t started yet.

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