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React Developer

Software Engineer - Noida

20000€ - 50000€ - React Js

Emloyees and alications; consumers and roducts; eole and devices - we bring them together and hel them do business, digitally and securely.

Our client imroves customer engagement, enables workforce roductivity and secures access for millions of users every day.

We’re looking for Senior Identity and Access Management Consultants to design and deliver excellent IAM solutions (IBM, CyberArk, Sailoint, etc.) to a range of major rivate & ublic sector clients.

Overview of the Role

Candidates will ideally be CIS Certified and have a broad IAM / Security technical background. You will be equally able to advise customers on effective solutions to their IAM challenges, as well as mentor other staff, and deliver high quality technical solutions.

It is exected that you will have exerience of working in an IT consultancy or have demonstrable exerience in taking a leading role in designing end to end enterise scale IAM solutions for FTSE250 comanies, major ublic-Sector Government Deartments or NHS Trusts.

As a result, you will be rewarded with a comrehensive ackage of remuneration and benefits, with the rosect of excellent career rogression.

We are an equal ortunities emloyer and welcome alications from all suitably qualified ersons.

Key Resonsibilities

The resonsibilities for this role will include (but are not limited to):

  • forming effective working relationshis with customer reresentatives;
  • defining and clarifying a customer’s requirements;
  • designing, develoing, testing, installing, and monitoring new systems;
  • rearing documentation, resenting solutions in written or oral reorts;
  • being involved in re-sales suort, and where aroriate, maintaining contact with customer organisations;
  • training and mentoring customer reresentatives, other consultants, and team leadershi activities; and be the rimary ‘technical contact’ for a variety of smaller engagements.

Technical Skills & Exerience

Role holders will be exected to have a mix of the following skills and exerience:

  • Oerating Systems (Linux, Windows);
  • Scriting; Languages (Java, JavaScrit);
  • Working knowledge of some of the following tools:
    • IBM Security Identity Manager (ISIM)
    • IBM Identity Governance Intelligence (IGI)
    • IBM QRadar, Bigfix
    • CyberArk IM
    • Sailoint Identity Management Solutions
    • Microsoft Identity Manager

Other desirable skills and exerience

  • Understanding of RBDMS, LDA, HTT Server & Alication Server Concets;
  • Understanding of system integration techniques, e.g. Web Services, AIs, etc.;
  • Understanding of Enterrise Systems, e.g. SA, Active Directory, etc.;
  • Infrastructure Design concets.


Role holders will be exected to have the following (or similar) qualifications:

  • BSc Honours degree or equivalent;
  • Various technical certifications in the technologies described above; and
  • Relevant rofessional qualifications (e.g. CISS, etc).