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Here at Waku-Seo we believe in people power. We believe that our company's growth starts with each of the professionals working for it. We like what we do and our teams have the energy to enjoy the frenetic pace set by our company! We are flexible because this is the only way to give our customers what they want; the challenge lies with being first to market with what they are looking for.

Training is crucial to Waku-Seo's business which is based on a model that calls for continual innovation and teamwork.

Our team's training programmes are tailored to the needs of each and every one of our professionals. However, they all share a common denominator: everyone that works for Waku-Seo has to spend a certain amount of time training in-store, regardless of the position have been hired into.

Waku-Seo culture is predicated on teamwork, open communication channels and self-imposed high standards. These principles are the basis of the  team's commitment to jobs that pivot around our customer satisfaction.